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Dalian Medical University

Dalian Medical University was founded in 1947 and formerly known as the Kanto Medical College. In 1949, he was incorporated into Dalian University and he was called the Medical College of Dalian University. In 1950, the establishment of Dalian University was canceled, and Dalian Medical College was independent. In 1969, Dalian Medical College took a school and moved south to Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, establishing Zunyi Medical College. In 1978, it was reopened on the site of Dalian City, still known as Dalian Medical College. In 1994, it was renamed Dalian Medical University. The school has now developed into a medical university that focuses on medicine, science, engineering, management, arts, law, and philosophy. It is a key university in Liaoning Province’s leading universities.

The school is located at No. 9, West Section of South Lushun Road, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. It covers an area of 1.51 million square meters and a construction area of 532,000 square meters. The total value of school fixed assets was 2.08 billion yuan, of which the total value of teaching and research instruments and equipment was 360 million yuan. There are 2.234 million books and 61 kinds of database resources in the school, and more than 20,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign electronic journals can be obtained. There are 23 teaching and research institutes, 19 affiliated hospitals, and 23 undergraduate programs.

The school has one state key discipline, four top-ranking disciplines in Liaoning Province and four top-ranking disciplines in Liaoning Province. Two disciplines have entered the top 1% of ESI’s global institutions. There are 4 post-doctoral scientific research stations, 4 doctoral programs for first-level disciplines, 1 professional doctoral program, 1 master’s degree program for first-level disciplines, and 6 professional master’s degree programs. There are 1 Innovation Team of the Ministry of Education and 12 Innovation Teams of Liaoning Higher Education Institutions.