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Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in 1956, its predecessor was founded in 1934 in Guangxi Nanning area Provincial Institute of Chinese Medicine , China is the only five minority autonomous regions independent institution of higher learning institutions of Chinese medicine. In March 2012, it was officially renamed Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the approval of the Ministry of Education. There are two campuses, Xianyi and Mingxiu. The total area is 1310.99 mu. There are 14 colleges and 3 directly affiliated to the public teaching department. There are 14 affiliated hospitals (including 3 affiliated hospitals and 11 local affiliated hospitals), 1 attached to a Chinese medicine school, 1 school-run pharmaceutical factory, and 1 independent college. There are a number of production and research bases and teaching practice bases that have certain influence in the national industry, such as Chongyang City Senior Apartment.

The school has a rich teaching experience, reasonable structure of the teaching staff , there are full-time teachers9 91 people, external teachers 1 61 people. Chiang Kai-shek high title of full-time teachers 192 people; with a doctorate there 2 67 people; doctoral tutor 2 5 people, master tutor 6 93 people . There are 1 traditional Chinese medicine master , 2 national famous Chinese medicine practitioners , 25 national traditional Chinese medicine experts , and 25 instructors for inheritance , 16 special allowances from the State Council , 3 national outstanding teachers , and the “New Century Excellent Talent Support Program” of the Ministry of Education . 3 candidates, 1 national famous teacher of Chinese medicine , 1 permanent professor of Guangxi, 7 “100 talents” in Guangxi, 3 experts in Guangxi, 2 scholars in Guangxi, and “Gugui” in Guangxi “2 people, 4 “teachers” in Guangxi universities, 2 outstanding scholars in Guangxi universities , 17 “Guipai Chinese medicine masters” in Guangxi, and 18 famous Chinese medicine practitioners in GuangxiThere are 64 famous Chinese medicine practitioners in Guangxi and 7 provincial innovation teams .