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Vinnitsa National Medical University was founded in 1921. In 1960 the educational institution was named after M.I.Pirogov, in 1984 he was awarded the Order of the “Badge of Honor”. Since 1994, the Vinnitsa Medical Institute has been certified and accredited to the IV level of accreditation and has been granted the status of the University. The national status of the university was acquired in 2002, in the same year it was awarded the diplomas of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the VerkhovnaRada of Ukraine.

The university has a high level of academic staff with academic degrees and titles. Almost every sixth lecturer at the university is a doctor of sciences, a professor. Students are taught by 126 doctors of sciences and 677 candidates of sciences. There are 25 Honored Scientists and Technicians of Ukraine, Honored Workers of Higher Education and Education of Ukraine, 3 academicians of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 12 Honored Doctors of Ukraine, 5 Winners of the State Prize of Ukraine.